Tuesday, July 15, 2008


because she's above it all.

Just STFU why don't chu

Seraphinelle, shouldn't you be somewhere studying otomotry or is the call center wearing you out? For someone who suppose to be so intelligent and poised, you certainly give off a hoodrat e-phony feel. In the thick of things, no one really cares that much about message boards except e-Losers and RL nutcases. Which one are you?

Fall back knight!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Plaque is the new gel.


according cierramichelle.
In the LHCF hair confessions thread, this chick admitted that she put plaque on her edges as a tween to lay them down.
I have heard of a lot of crazy mess like MTN and MN but plaque, Oh Hell No!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

You got yo' shine - IRIS

The Grandma of the board, Irresistible (IRIS) has cooled her jets after many foiled attempts to get everyone to "go natchel". She claims that every ingredient and every procedure done to hair, unless approved by her, is deadly. This chick is a schitzo.

These youtube videos are hilarious because she seems to be on something.
This 1982 has been needs to pump her breaks and go sit down somewhere.

No Ghetto Girls Allowed

MissScarlett calls it "DC Gate" and ArmyQT says "she wouldn't have invited some of them and Abenyo is mad about it all.


MissScarlett (AKA Phony Bologna) attended a family reunion in the DC area over the 4th of July weekend.

Abenyo (Miss Busy Body) wanted to plan a mini meet up.

Fast forward, the meet up happened but without the guest of honor MissScarlet. MissScarlett claimed that she was too busy and couldn't make it. She even came up with this huge "I'm Sorry" letter afterwards via SummerRain's screen name. She claims that one of the hackers disabled her account. (Probably Dana03 but you didn't hear that from me.)

WEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLL the letter wasn't genuine and MissScarlet was BUSTED. If Niko's Cousins didn't think that heffa was phony before, they know now. It was revealed that MissScarlett met with two other members of the board; ArmyQT and Silver2.
OOoh we... busted for real now.
Someone hacked into their PMs and found out that they met and had a great time, they even met MissScarlett's DH. (Insert slap in the face here).

ArmyQT and Silver2 are usually drama free, it's MissScarlett that really caused the drama. Though she gives good advice sometimes, that heffa is about as straight up as McCain's ding a ling.